Film Noir

Film noir: black film or cinema. 

The cinematic term ‘film noir’ was coined by French film critics, first by Nino Frank in 1946, who noticed the dark and downbeat themes of many American crime/detective films that were released in France. Film noir first developed after World War 2, as it took advantage of the post-war anxiety, pessimism, and suspicion. Fear, mistrust, loss of innocence, despair and paranoia are evident in film noir as it reflects the Cold War period when the threat of nuclear annihilation was present. There were rarely happy endings in film noirs.

Film noir also creates particular emphasis on cynical attitudes and sexual motivations which can be referred to as femme fatale.

Femme fatale is French for “fatal woman” whose purpose is to charm her lovers and leads them to dangerous and deadly situations using her femininity; eg. beauty, charm and sexuality. She is an archetype of fine literature and art as she has the ability to hypnotise her victims with a spell, which in the earlier stories was seen to be supernatural, which is why the femme fatale today is still often referred to as an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch or demon who is able to have power and control over men. In the early 20th century, femme fatale characters were referred to as vamps, as an allusion to their role as sexual vampires. A femme fatale is usually seen to be mysterious and seductive, who does not always use her femininity but lies and makes use of weapons such as sleeping gas, which is a modern substitute of magical powers which were typical in older tales. She may imply that she is a victim who is caught in a situation from which she cannot escape, like a damsel in distress, but turns it around on the male who is seen to be the hero.

A younger version of a femme fatale can be referred to as a fille fatale, or “fatal girl”.

One of the most common traits of the femme fatale include promiscuity and the rejection of motherhood, which is seen as one of her most threatening qualities as she is seen to be denying immortality which then leads to the ultimate destruction of a male.

Here are some common characteristics of film noir:

  • Dark setting
  • Shadows
  • Neon signs
  • Rain soaked streets
  • Claustrophobic interiors
  • Criminal underworld
  • Femme fatale
  • Male detectives
  • Dark alleys
  • Guns
  • Smoking cigarettes

These are some of the best film noir movies:

  1. The Big Sleep (1939)
  2. Chinatown (1974)
  3. Touch of Evil (1958)
  4. Double Indemnity (1944)
  5. Out of the Past (1947)
  6. The Third Man (1949)
  7. Lift to the Scaffold (1958)
  8. Blood Simple (1984)
  9. Kiss Me Deadly (1955)
  10.  They Live by Night (1948)

These are some of the most popular film noir directors:

  • Robert Siodmak (8 August 1900 – 10 March 1973) was a German-born American film director. He is best remembered as a thriller specialist and for a series of stylish, unpretentious Hollywood films noirs he made in the 1940s. He directed ‘The Killers’, ‘Phantom Lady’, ‘The Dark Mirror’ and many more film noirs.
  • Fritz Lang (5 December 1890 – 2 August 1976) was an Austrian-German filmmaker, screenwriter, and occasional film producer and actor. He directed many film noirs such as, ‘Scarlet Street’, ‘The Big Heat’ and ‘The Woman in the Window’.
  • Otto Preminger (5 December 1905 – 23 April 1986) was an American theatre and film director, originally from Austria-Hungary. He directed more than 35 feature films in a five-decade career after leaving the theatre. He first gained attention for film noir mysteries such as ‘Laura’ and ‘Fallen Angel’.
  • Orson Welles (6 May 1915 – 10 October 1985) was an American actor, director, writer, and producer who worked in theatre, radio, and film. He directed multiple film noirs, such as ‘Touch of Evil’, ‘The Lady From Shanghai’ and ‘The Third Man’.
  • Billy Wilder (22 June 1906 – 27 March 2002) was an Austrian-born Jewish-American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, artist, and journalist whose career spanned more than five decades. He directed 5 film noirs: ‘Double Indemnity’, ‘Sunset Boulevard’, ‘Ace in the Hole’, ‘The Lost Weekend’ and ‘Witness for the Prosecution’.

Modern day film noir

Film noir is not as common as it used to be as film has adapted majorly since the 1940’s, however many directors today are influenced by it and have tried to make a film noir of their own. Joseph Dougherty is a one of three directors of the hit TV show,  ‘Pretty Little Liars’. It is a very popular TV series targeted mainly at teenage girls. It is a well produced and is mainly of the crime/drama genre. There are seven seasons in total, however season 4, episode 19 was influenced by film noir. This is the link to a scene from the episode:

Personally, I really enjoyed this episode as it has been made really well, following the characteristics of film noir. It was very different from anything I have seen before and it gave me an insight into what film noir was like in the 1940’s. Here is a behind the scenes video of the making of the episode:

Is film noir a genre?

It can be argued that film noir is a genre, however the majority argue that it is not a genre but is the mood/tone of a film. The debate is ongoing and there is evidence for both sides, but there is no right answer. It can be argued that film noir is a genre as its characteristics excludes it and puts the film into the classification of film noir, nevertheless some people believe that these characteristics help to set the mood of the film which also supports the crime/mystery genres. Personally, I do not think that film noir is a genre as many of its characteristics can be found in multiple genres. For example, low key lighting and a high use of shadows can be of the thriller, crime or mystery genres. I believe that these film noir characteristics help create a much larger genre by creating the right atmosphere. 

Personally, I really enjoy the idea of film noir as it is very different to what we see in films now. I have learnt a lot about film noir and it has inspired me a lot which is why I have decided to create a short film noir myself. 

My film noir:


Generic conventions of Short Films

Short films are very different from feature films, as they have different conventions from one another which separates them from any other forms of video, as well as each other. Here are some of the generic conventions of a short film:


Short films are shorter in length than feature films; they can range between 3 to 45 minutes, anything longer would be classed as a feature film. This has a significant impact on all the other conventions of a short film, for example there isn’t a lot of time to include plot twists throughout as it would feel extremely rushed and unprofessional. Some people prefer short films to feature films due to the length as they may not have enough time to watch anything longer than 45 minutes, despite the fact that they enjoy watching films.


Typically, up to 3 or 4 characters can be seen in short films as there is not enough time for a lot of characters to develop. If there were over 5 characters, they would not be able to develop or engage with the audience fully. For the same reason, there is normally only one protagonist as they are the main focus and there isn’t enough time to focus in detail on more than one character. This enables the audience to relate to the protagonist as they feel like a part of their life.

Within any film, there are two types of characters: flat and round. Flat characters are minor characters that do not change a lot throughout the film, whereas round characters are characters that are more significant and may go through changes throughout the film. In short films, depending on the length, the only round character is the protagonist. The other characters are usually flat characters as there is not a lot of time for them to change and develop throughout.

Story line

In any short film, the story line is generally kept simple as they must be easy to follow due to the fact that there isn’t a lot of time for the story to keep developing or have a lot of twists. In short films, the story is normally very realistic, which intrigues the audience as they are able to feel connected to it. This allows the audience to relate to the characters too as they may be going through the same situations that some members of the audience are.

The story line is never too complex as it must be easy to understand as there isn’t a lot of time to understand certain things as the film progresses. Therefore, it must be simple and easy to follow.


Short films normally have a low budget as most short film directors are independent and do not have a lot of funding. However, a high budget isn’t really needed as there aren’t a lot of actors needed to be hired and only a limited amount of locations. On the other hand, a good camera is essential and good editing software is needed. Despite this, short films do not need the budget of a feature film as feature films are expected to have high production, professional makeup and costumes as well as special effects. Also, the actors are expected to be highly paid which contrasts to short films as the actors do not expect high pay, and the audience does not expect any high production as the purpose of a short film is to be realistic so the audience is able to relate. Therefore, budgeting isn’t an issue and actually saves the director a lot of money.

Online distribution

Short films are usually distributed online and can be watched for free, unlike feature films. There are a lot of sites that distribute short films, such as BBC; a lot of people watch TV shows, films and documentaries on the BBC website as it is a very popular channel. Therefore, a lot of people would come across the short film and watch it, and it would become quite popular. On the other hand, an easier way of distributing online would be YouTube, as all you need is a YouTube account and the video can be uploaded for everyone to see. There are various different sites that can be used.

Netflix is an app/website that allows people all over the world to watch various TV series, films and documentaries. It is extremely popular as they have the latest shows and movies for people to watch, for £5.99 per month. Due to the fact that people pay monthly, they try to watch as much as they can on Netflix as they are paying for everything and not specific films or shows. Netflix is a good way to distribute short films as they would receive a lot of recognition and gain popularity as Netflix is used by millions of people around the world. This enables people internationally to search for short films and watch as many as they wish. Having a short film on Netflix is extremely beneficial for the director as it is very likely for their short film to become very popular.

Narrative Structure

Todorov’s theory is often applied to short films as an equilibrium is first seen, which is followed by a disequilibrium and ends with a re-equilibrium. This means that everything is normal at first, which is followed by a problem, which then gets resolved and everything is back to normal, but a change is noticeable.

Short films have different narrative structure to short documentaries because documentaries cannot be subtle with their story lines as they need to give facts, however short films are able to build the atmosphere and characters, making the audience intrigued to watch more. Many short films end with an open ending, as it makes the audience think about it and leave a greater impact on them. Nevertheless, some short films don’t have a open ending, but this sometimes leaves the audience unsatisfied as they are able to predict the ending. This is a negative aspect of short films as feature films have enough time to have twists throughout, whereas there isn’t enough time for a short film to do so.

Initial Ideas

For my A2 main task, I am creating a short film of the drama genre. I have watched some short films for inspiration and have some ideas for what I want to do.

This is a mind map of my initial ideas:


In my mind map, I have explored various aspects that will be included in my final video:


My main genre is drama, however various themes will be explored throughout my video, such as depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. I might also includes themes such as abuse, bullying, anxiety and self harm but I am yet to decide. I intend on making this an emotional piece that would create a downhearted impact on the audience. 


Due to my video being based around depression, I have decided that I will use slow, sad music in the background to help create the right mood for the audience. I am also including a voice over as no/minimal dialogue will be used. The voice over will be a monologue presenting the protagonist’s thoughts. This will be based around the protagonist’s depression, isolation, no one being able to understand, judgement and suicide.


I will be filming most of the video in a house, which will be the protagonist’s house. It will be mainly in a dull, grey bedroom, however I will also film in other rooms around the house. I am also planning to film in school, to present the protagonist in school, as well as walking outdoors.


I have decided on some shots to include in my video; they will mainly be of the protagonist:

  • walking down a school corridor
  • walking down a street
  • looking out a window (night shot – soft focus)
  • pills
  • sitting on a bed (long shot – zoom)
  • looking at old photos (over the shoulder shot)
  • suicide in a bath tub (end scene)

I am going to include a lot more shots but have not got a clear idea yet.


The protagonist in the video is going to be a teenage girl. I am unsure if I want to have any more characters in my video, but I might include a group of teenagers and maybe a parent of the protagonist.

Story line

My main story line is about a teenage girl who is suffering through depression and has many suicidal thoughts. The video will present her thoughts through the voice over, and the audience will also be able to see what is going wrong in her life. She tries to cope, but in the end, she decides to take her own life.

Title ideas

I have begun to think about various title ideas that will reflect my video. So far, I have come up with ‘Trapped’ to portray how the protagonist feels trapped in society and tries to find a way of escaping. I have also thought of ‘Scarred’ or ‘Scar’ as the protagonist has been left with many scars, emotional and physical which has a major impact on her life.

This is a mood board I have created to present the themes that will be explored throughout my final video:


I have specifically chosen these images to give an insight to my video as they all revolve around the theme of depression and loneliness which is a good reflection of my video. My video will include suicidal thoughts, which is what the first image represents, as well as feeling trapped within society, as revealed by the photo of the hand prints. The photo of the bedroom is an influential image as I have decided to film in a dark, grey bedroom, similar to that one. The two images in the middle portray the significant theme of isolation and loneliness, followed by the final image at the bottom, which signifies the suicide aspect of the video. Therefore, I think that this mood board is a good representation of what my final video is going to be like.

This is a video that has inspired me:

This short film has inspired me a lot as it includes many themes that I wish to include in my video. The voice over and slow music has inspired me to do the same and I really like the different use of shots, however my story line is going to be slightly different and more specific on issues that teenagers may face.

The Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ has also influenced me as the story line is based on depression and suicide as it explored the various reasons why someone may commit suicide. It is a very emotional TV series that I enjoyed watching very much as it was intriguing as there aren’t many shows that explore suicide and depression. The whole story has been a major influence to my ideas, especially the final episode as it reveals how the protagonist ‘Hannah’ commits suicide; although it is uncomfortable for the audience to watch, it is a very significant scene that has a major impact on the audience. This specific scene is extremely emotional, and has been presented in a bath tub, which is how I plan on ending my short film as it created a major impact on me, which is how I would like my audience to feel. Also, the fact that the protagonist is a young girl in high school has also had an impact on my ideas for my video as I feel depression is easier to present through this type of character which is why I have also decided to have a teenage girl as my protagonist. I could have also used a teenage boy but I personally feel as if it would be a lot easier for me to have a teenage girl as a protagonist as I could make it more realistic by relating to my own experiences.

This is a video of the main characters from ’13 Reasons Why’, talking about filming their TV show which links to the ideas and effects on the audience that I would like to create through my short film:

Chosen Brief: Short Film

At first, I was struggling to make a decision between making a short film or a film trailer, but I have come to the conclusion that making a short film is the best option for me. I feel like this brief would be the best at displaying my skills as there would be a fair balance between filming, editing, sound and mise en scene. Personally, I think I will be able to make this to a very high standard in comparison to the other briefs, especially as I have previously watched various short films and have enjoyed them very much. For the ancillary texts, I have decided to create a film magazine review page featuring the film as well as creating a website homepage for the film. I have chosen these two in specific because I feel I would enjoy making these the most. I have a passion for writing and wish to pursue a career in journalism, therefore meaning that I am able to write good articles and reviews, so I think creating a film magazine review page would be good for me to do. The website homepage seems like something I would enjoy making, especially because I enjoy blogging a lot, so this would be good for me and I will put a lot of effort into it. I don’t consider myself to be a very creative or arty person, which is why I have decided not to make a poster for the magazine as I would lack in the creativity area of making it stand out.

Personally, I really enjoy watching short films and have watched many on YouTube and Netflix and are very intriguing to me. I prefer the emotional, dramatic ones rather than the comical ones so I think I will be creating one based on this genre. This also means that I have a lot of inspiration for my video, as well as being able to recognise generic conventions of short films.

Short films are normally between 5 to 10 minutes in length, but mine will be approximately 5 minutes, due to the specifications of the brief. Typically, there is one protagonist and very few characters in total as there isn’t enough time for the characters to develop. I don’t think I will need more than 4 characters which is good as I won’t need to hire many actors, making it easier to arrange dates and times for filming. This is typical in short films as it is effective on the audience as the audience is able to relate to the characters, as short films are normally very realistic, which is why they are so intriguing. Personally, I think that I will be able to follow the basic codes and conventions of short films and will make my process of making it easier, as I will not need to hire too many actors, and the story line will not be too difficult to come up with as they are all based on realistic situations. I will put a lot of effort into making this the best I possibly can and as realistic as possible too.

I have thought to a great extent about making the film trailer, but in the end I decided not to as I realised that I would have to take a lot of shots in different locations which could become an issue if I have to re-shoot any shots later on in the process. Also, a lot of editing will be needed as I would like to include many effects, along with title. Due to editing being my main area of weakness, I feel as if I may struggle in the process of including these effects which would not allow the trailer to be made to its highest standard.

I did consider creating a music video at first but decided not to as I realised that a lot of my time will be taken to find royalty music to use or I would have to try to get permission from owners to use their music, which could take a long time to receive a response. I would then have to make a plan of how I would like to shoot the video and consider the location, performers, mise en scene etc once I have gotten permission of the music as the everything must fit the music. I feel like this would take up too much of my time and I would not have enough time to create the video to its best potential.

I knew from the beginning that I did not want to create an advert as only two adverts would be created, totalling in 1 minute and 20 seconds, which doesn’t seem like enough time to display all my skills. I feel like adverts in general are difficult to present camera and editing skills as people mainly focus on the product being sold instead of anything else. I also think I would struggle to do this brief as no previous students have done this brief before which means I would lack in inspiration when making my own. Also, coming up with a product, followed by branding would take a lot of time and I think I would struggle in this process.

Therefore, I have chosen the brief of a short film as I know I will be able to make it to the best of my ability and I know I will enjoy making it very much too. I can easily find many real life examples of short films, as well as student examples, which will give me a lot of inspiration when making my own. I will be able to see the difference between real life examples and student examples, which will set my standards, and I will be able to tell what I have done well, and what can be improved. I will put a lot of time and effort into this and will do a lot of research so I don’t lack in any areas which may affect my final video.

Evaluation/Analysis of AS title sequence

For AS media, we were put in groups and had to make an opening title sequence of the thriller genre. Here is our video:

Textual Analysis:

This opening title sequence begins with a non diegetic score of sirens alongside some background music which has a fast beat, suggesting danger as well as hinting at a crime thriller genre. At this point only a black screen can be seen, creating tension and suspense. Then, a close up of an unconscious girl laying on the ground with a bruise on her neck can be seen. The camera then quickly pans the body of the girl as it is established that she is laying flat on the ground in a wooded area. The camera quickly cuts as multiple still images of the girl are presented. A voice over of a news reporter can be heard as he speaks in a serious tone about a body being found in ‘Pemphix Woods’. It is clear for the audience to understand that the reporter is talking about the girl seen on screen. The titles then begin; they are presented one at a time on a black screen between shots. After the first title, the camera is seen to be tracking images that have been hanged on a wall of various teenage girls. Low key lighting is used to present these images, creating a sense of fear and mystery. The voice over continues in the background as the second title appears, followed by multiple close up shots of newspaper articles, where specific words have been emphasised such as ‘murder’, ‘unsafe’ and ‘death’, which relates to the reporter talking about the deaths of the teenage girls. Editing techniques have been used as some words are seen to be blurred before being made clear, such as the word ‘terror’. The camera zooms onto these articles many times, making everything seem fast paced and tense. Next, another unconscious teenage girl can be seen laying on a wooded area ground as the camera tracks her body, followed by still images of her. The voice over and titles continue as another shot of images on a wall in presented as the camera tracks them, suggesting to the audience this is from the antagonist’s perspective. The audience then see close ups of newspaper articles once again, and flashes have been used within this shot, suggesting danger. After some more titles, high angle shots have been used to present the third unconscious female body laying on the ground of a wooded area by a tree. The camera emphasises on the cut on her ankle as a close up shot of it is used to highlight its importance. The titles, voice over and background music continue as an eye level shot has been used to present more images of the girls on a wall, suggesting to the audience that the antagonist’s point of view is important. The camera continues to track these images; the audience then sees some more shots of newspaper articles. Then, a long shot of an empty forest is revealed as the camera pans around to present the isolated location. The camera then fades into a high angle shot of the forest and birds can be heard chirping in the background. As the camera pans around on the ground, a wrist can be seen with a bloody symbol which seems to be embedded into the wrist. The camera zooms into the wrist, creating emphasis on the symbol, suggesting its significance. Flashes have been used as the camera zooms in, creating a sense of danger and mystery. The sequence then ends with the title: ‘Pemphix Woods’ which then fades to black.

Personal/Group Skills Development/Effort:

As a group, we had no previous experience in creating any form of media text, especially like this opening title sequence. We had only created our preliminary task which was the first for all of us. We improved a lot from that in comparison to our main task, however I feel like my skills can be developed much more, especially my editing skills. When creating our main AS video, I did help the editor help out from time to time but never did it myself, so this may be difficult for me to do, however I will be watching editing tutorials and practising with different software products. I feel this is important for me to do as editing is a significant part of creating my video, and it must be the best possible, and I also think this is the main area I will struggle with. I am confident that my filming skills will be good as I will have a story board and shot list, as we did for the AS video, which helped a lot. I do have a lot for me to improve on as I must develop new skills, but I am confident this will not be a major issue.

For the AS video, I was assigned producer which means I was in charge of choosing location, dates and times for filming, in which I succeeded. I also created multiple questionnaires in order to receive audience feedback which also went well. I tried to help my group members as much as I possibly could. As a group, we put in a lot of time and effort in making this video, although I feel we lacked on communication as the deadline for the video came closer as we began to face issues and everyone became stressed. I feel if this had not happened, our video would have been made to a higher standard. Overall, as a group we all got along but we could have dealt with certain issues better.

Personally, I think that this has been a good experience for everyone in my group as we know what mistakes to avoid in our next independent task. It has also been good for us as we have all developed many skills that we were lacking at the start of AS media. I look forward to working on the independent video as it will be a different experience due to it being independent with no group members to pitch ideas or help with filming or editing. I look forward to making my own decisions and making the video specifically how I want it.

Introduction to A2 Media

For A2 media, there is an option of 4 different briefs. Individually, we must select a brief and produce a media portfolio, including a main task, followed by two ancillary texts and a presentation of my research, planning and evaluation in electronic format.

This portfolio consists of 100 marks in total:

  • 20 marks – research
  • 60 marks – construction
  • 20 marks – evaluation

These are the four briefs:


This brief must include a promotion package for the release of an album, which includes a music promo video, lasting no longer than five minutes. This must also be supported with two of the following:

  • a cover for its release as part of a digipack (CD package)
  • a magazine advertisement for the album release
  • a website homepage for the band

This is a real life example of a music video:

This music video was released in 2007. Although the music itself is of the R&B/Soul genre, the video itself contains elements of the thriller genre, especially the mise en scene. The dark lighting creates a sinister atmosphere, along with the flashes. This music video specifically stands out as it has been well made as it creates a disturbing effect on the audience, fulfilling its purpose.

This is a student example of a music video:

This music video has been made well, however it is clear to see that it is not professional. This video creates a sympathetic effect on the audience as intended; the different uses of camera shots and editing skills makes the video stand out to the audience as it goes well with the music.

Personally, I think this brief is a really good idea, although I don’t think it is the right one for me as I know I will struggle to make it to the best it possibly can be. I also think I will find it difficult to find royalty free music, which is likely to take up most of my time. Therefore, I will not be choosing this brief.

Short Film

This brief must have approximately 5 minutes of a short film in its entirety, which may be live action, animation or a combination of both. It must be supported with two of the following:

  • a poster for the film
  • a film magazine review page featuring the film
  • a website homepage for the film

This is a real life example of a short film:

This short film is extremely good as it makes the audience feel sad yet intrigued. The audience is captured throughout due to the good story line, as well as how it has been shot. It has been made to a very good standard as the audience feels as if this is real and cannot keep their eyes off of it. It has been shot and edited well, as well and having the right music to help create the sorrowful atmosphere.

This is a student example of a short film:

This short film has been shot extremely well as various shot types have been used. It has an intriguing story line and confuses the audience, fulfilling its purpose. The editing of the titles seems very professional and overall has been made really well. The audience is constantly thinking throughout, making them focused only on the film, meaning it has been made very well.

Personally, I really enjoy watching short films and I think creating one myself will be a great experience. I think this is the best brief for me, although it will take a lot of effort and time which I am willing to put in.


This brief must have an advertising package for a new product or service, which includes two TV advertisements, one which must be 60 seconds and one that must be 20 seconds. Two ancillary texts must also be included which can be chosen from the following:

  • a TV programme sponsorship sequence
  • a radio advertisement
  • a web pop-up

This is a real life example of an advert:

This is the John Lewis Christmas advert of 2015. It is an extremely good avert as it made the audience feel sad, due to the story line and music. It is easy to see that it has been made very well and professionally. It had a significant effect on the audience and was extremely popular in 2015, although this is no surprise as John Lewis are known for having great Christmas adverts.

This is a student example of an advertisement:

Not many students have created advertisements in the past as it is a difficult brief, however I found this one from 2015. It is clear to see that this student has done her research on adverts as it seems similar to many professional ones in the way it has been shot. However, the editing could be very improved as it can easily be seen that it is not a professional advertisement.

Personally, I think creating an advert would be a really enjoyable experience for me, however I may struggle to come up with a product to sell as well as thinking of the business aspects of it, such as a slogan and logo. Due to this, I think that the media side to it will not have my full attention which is necessary, therefore I don’t think I will choose this brief.

Film Trailer

This brief is a promotion package for a new film, which includes a teaser trailer along with two of the following:

  • a film magazine front cover, featuring the film
  • a poster for the film
  • a website homepage for the film

This is a real life example of a film trailer:

This is a film trailer which was released in May 2016, for the horror movie ‘Don’t Breathe’.  It has been well made as it captures certain elements of the movie that intrigues the audience but doesn’t give away the story. Therefore, the audience are drawn to watch the movie. It has clearly been well made due to the various use of camera shots and low key lighting. It has also been edited well and the mise en scene specifically stands out.

This is a student example of a film trailer:

This is a really well made film trailer as it is clear to see that it has been shot and edited very well. The mise en scene has also been taken into consideration as the correct lighting has been used to fit the genre. Overall, it has been made to a very high level and was rewarded a Level 4 for their Media A2 video.

Personally, I think this brief will be quite difficult to do as I would need to take various shots in various locations, as well as trying to intrigue the audience throughout and not lose their attention. However, I am considering this brief as I believe I will put a lot of effort into filming and editing.