A storyboard is a visual representation of the media text I wish to create and it consists of multiple drawings that present the shots that I wish to create for my media text. 

The purpose of a storyboard is to:

  • Visualise the story before it has been created
  • Focus on shot types and framing 
  • Help the process of filming and editing

Storyboards are used in a lot of big movies and Alfred Hitchcock was one of the first directors to rely heavily on the use of storyboard when making a movie. This proves that storyboards are effective as it influences the whole film making process a lot easier. 

Therefore, I have created a storyboard in order to help me while I film my short film. This will make the filming process easier for me as I now have a visual to follow. This storyboard presents the exact shot I need to film, along with the duration of each shot and the transitions between each shot. The camera angle can also be seen through the image, however this may change when filming. The action in the shot can be seen clearly and has also been described below each image. I have also drawn the title shots, at the beginning and ending of the film, as it is important I have a clear understanding of how I want to present this. Therefore, having a visual representation of it before I film and edit it, will make the whole process a lot easier. 

Below each image, I have discussed the location and setting, as well as what sound effects I will be using. As I am also going to be using a voiceover in some parts of my film, I have also written in which specific shots that will be in. I have also discussed camera movements as for the majority of my film, the camera will be placed on a tripod and will not be moving. However, there are a couple of shots where I will be zooming and sometimes bringing the camera closer. I have discussed this below the specific shots that will include these camera movements.  

Throughout my storyboard, I have not included anything about lighting as I will be using natural lighting throughout my whole film. Lighting is not going to be of high importance in my film as the only time I may need to alter it is while I am editing, if necessary. I am not planning on using high key or low key lighting, therefore it will all be natural. 

This is the storyboard I have created:

strybrd 1strybrd 2strybrd 3

Although this storyboard is a bit messy, I know that it is definitely going to be helpful for me when I am filming. I now have a clear idea of how I am going to film my short film and how it is going to come together. 

Many storyboards that are used for big films normally include a lot of detail and colour, however decided not to use colour and go into too much detail as I wanted it to be simple and easy to follow. Also, if I included colour and added a lot more detail, then it would be very time-consuming and I need to manage my time with all my other planning documents. Furthermore, I am quite happy with this storyboard as it has enough detail for me and my actors to see exactly what I want to film and how I want the final film to look. This means that it will also influence my editing, as well as filming which makes that process a lot easier too. 

The plot of my short film can clearly be seen, which means that I am able to give my (main) actors a copy of this along with my script so they can have a clear image of what I aim to create. This will make the acting process a lot easier for them too as they can clearly see exactly what I want them to do and how I want it to look. This means that the chance of having to re-shoot is unlikely, and I also won’t need too many retakes of the same shot, as everyone will know what the final outcome should be like. 

While I was making this storyboard, I made a list of the props I will be needing for each scene as this storyboard has allowed me to see what I need during the filming, a lot more clearly. 

I think that my storyboard lacks some detail, as I found it a bit difficult to present each aspect of my film by drawing and writing. Things may also change throughout the filming process, as I may decide to change a shot type as it may not look how I want it to through the shot type I have already decided on. There are various other aspects that may change, as I may also decide to remove or add some scenes, however if this happens, I will discuss this on my blog. Nevertheless, this storyboard is extremely helpful as I now have a clear idea of how to film my short film, and it is now easier to express each shot to my actors.  

If I end up adding a lot more shots and scenes, I may re-do this storyboard and upload my updated version and compare it to this one. It is important I keep track of any changes I make as this will influence my final evaluation.

I will also be using this storyboard to help me create my script and my shot list, as I now have a clear visual representation of each shot. Therefore, the process of making my script and shot list has been made a lot easier as I just need to follow my storyboard. My shot list will be easier to make, however with my script I will need to add dialogue. Despite this, it will make all my other planning documents a lot easier. 



Target Audience Research

For my target audience research, I created a survey to help influence my ideas for my short film as it is important that my target audience enjoy my final video. In total, I gathered approximately 100 responses which was my aim as it is important I get a range of opinions. 

My first question asks the age of the person taking my survey. This is important as the target age for my short film is 15 and over and I wanted to make sure the majority of my feedback came from this age range.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.38.43

Fortunately, only 5% of people who took my survey were under the age of 15, therefore I am certain that the information I got from the rest of my survey is going to be useful as my the majority of my target audience have taken this survey.  

For my second question, I asked the gender of the person taking my survey, as I wanted to ensure I received opinions from both, male and females. This is important for me as my short film will not target a specific gender, therefore I needed feedback from everyone. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.40.02

68% of people who took my survey were female, which means they were the majority. This means that 32% were male, revealing that there is a healthy mix of genders who responded to my survey. This proves that the answers to the questions based on my short film will not be very biased. 

My next question has been asked to reveal what the most popular drama sub genre is, out of thriller, romance, action and crime. I have asked this becuase my main genre is going to be drama, and if I include any sub genres, this is what I would choose out of. Therefore, it is important I know what my target audience would prefer to watch out of the four choices. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.40.40

My results reveal that the most preferred sub genre is action as 35 people voted this option. Thriller was second best as it was voted by 31 people. This is extremely helpful as I know that if I wish to have a sub genre in my film, I will choose either action or thriller and not romance or crime. 

My fourth question reveals the main story line of my short film, in order to give the people taking my survey some context to the question, as it would allow more accurate answers. After giving some context, I asked whether my target audience would prefer to see a male or female protagonist, as it would help me choose my actor in order to make my film more effective. Besides the two obvious options, male and female, I also gave the option of ‘I don’t mind’, for people who have no preference. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.41.14

The majority had no preference which means that the gender of the protagonist does not really affect how the audience would feel whilst watching my film. However, out of the options male and female, female was most popular by 9% more. Therefore, I will be hiring a female actor to play the protagonist as some people would find it more effective based on the story line. 

The next question asks if the audience would be interested in watching a film focused on one character only. The reason for this question is because I was unsure about if I should only include one main character or have several. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.43.32

The majority said they didn’t mind whether or not the film focused on one character or not. Besides this, out of the yes and no options, 43% said they would be interested in watching a film focusing solely on one character and 22% said they wouldn’t. Therefore, I have decided to focus my film on one character, but I will also include others, however they will not be the main focus.

My following question is about ambiguous endings and how my target audience would feel about it. I explained the meaning of an ambiguous ending in case anyone was unsure. This information will be useful to me as it will help me decide whether or not to include one. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.44.36

Over half the people said they would not be disappointed with an ambiguous ending, which means that I will definitely consider using one. Although, 43% said they would be disappointed, which means I might not include one as I want to satisfy my whole audience. 

My seventh question asks what themes are most interesting to watch in a drama film, out of the options of depression, bullying, abuse, self harm, suicide and all of the above. I have asked this specific question because I already know I am going to be making an emotional drama film and these were the themes I had in mind. Therefore, it is important to find out what theme would interest my audience the most. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.46.00

Approximately 50% of people chose all of the above, and 21% chose depression. This means that I will be trying to include a small part of all the themes in my film, although the main theme will be depression. Self harm had the lowest amount of votes, which means that this will be the theme that will not be included as much as the others. 

My next question is about the Netflix series, ’13 Reasons Why’. This is an important question as ’13 Reasons Why’ is one of my main influences for my film. I wish to include many themes that the series did, therefore it was important for me to know whether people enjoyed it or not. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.47.02

Fortunately, the majority had watched ’13 Reasons Why’ as only 38% said they hadn’t. More people said they liked it rather than didn’t, which is extremely helpful as it confirms the idea for my short film. Also, as I know that people enjoyed it, I am now able to use some of the themes that are presented in the series. 

My final question asks whether or not people like watching films that make them think about their own life and reflect on themselves. This is important to me as I wish to create a short film that has an emotional impact on my audience, therefore I need to know whether people enjoy these type of movies or not. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.47.35

Luckily for me, I will be able follow my idea of creating an impact on my audience as 91% of people said they do enjoy watching movies that make them think about their own lives and reflect on themselves, which means I will definitely be aiming to create this effect on my audience. This is extremely important to me as this is my main purpose of my short film. 

Overall, this survey was significantly useful as I now have a clear idea for my short film and I am positive that my audience will enjoy it very much. I will be following the general codes and conventions of a drama short, as I am listening to all my target audience research and using it to influence my film. 


Sound is everything we hear. This includes, words, noises and music. Sound is a significant way of communication that is used in our day to day lives. Therefore, it is also an important aspect in films. Dialogue, music and sound effects are all forms of sound in films. The purpose of sound in films is to provide the audience with information, present relationships between characters and set a certain mood or tone.  

There are two types of sound: 

  • Diegetic: this is sound that is heard and can be linked to what is seen on screen. For example, dialogue or the sound of a door opening. 
  • Non diegetic: this is sound that does not relate to what can be seen on scree. For example, background music. 

Dialogue is important as it gives the audience information and is a form of communication between characters, making it easier for the audience to see what kind of relationship characters may share with each other. It also allows a character to express their thoughts to the audience. Voice overs can also be used which also allows characters to express their thoughts, or tell a story. It is normally used as a form of narration, which is why it is typically used in documentaries. Nevertheless, it can also be used in films, and is normally used in drama films as it creates a serious tone if used correctly. 

Music is used in films for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons music is used in films is to create a certain atmosphere or mood on the audience in order to make the film as a whole to be effective. For example, creepy music can be used in a horror movie in order to create an eerie effect. 

Sometimes music can be used to foreshadow events. For example, in horror movies tense music is used to build suspense right before something scary/thrilling takes place. 

Sound effects can be used for multiple reasons, but it is generally used to help create realism. Sometimes the camera/microphone is unable to pick up some sounds, so they are added in during the editing process. For example, the sound of footsteps can be added in if not picked up properly. 

It can also be used for a dramatic effect. For example, before something comical is about to happen, a drum roll can be added in to foreshadow the comedy. It can also be used in fight scenes. For example, punching sounds can be added in to emphasise the fight. 

Pitch, tempo and volume is important when it comes to sound effects, as these three things change the impact of the effect. For example, high pitched sounds such as, screaming typically creates a sense of anxiety. Whereas, low pitched sounds such as the sound of ocean waves can be used to create mystery, or a sense of calmness. 

Recently, sound effects have become more popular as they are used in movies to heighten the film experience for the audience. The most general sound effects include explosions, wind and animal sounds. This is always done at the editing stage of the film as it is easy to add a layer of sound effects. This is quite effective if done well, as it makes the audience a lot more intrigued and impressed with the movie. 

Silence is just as important as any other sound in films. Silence is the absence of sound, but is just as effective. Depending on how it has been used, silence can have various impacts on the audience. For example, in a drama or romantic film, the use of silence can present an emotional connection between two characters. It can also be used in thriller or horror movies, as silence can help build tension and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. It can also be used in a comedy film, as there is typically a pause before a sarcastic/comical comment is made. Therefore, silence is extremely important in any type of film. 

Sound is used in all films, however it can be difficult to find royalty free music/sound effects. This is important due to copyright, which is a legal right which gives the creator of an original work the rights for its use and distribution. Therefore, if someone uses sound that is not original without permission, then they are committing a criminal offence. Intellectual property is something unique that you physically create. It is important to have intellectual property protection (copyright) so no one can take your work and take credit for it, as well as selling it for their own profit. If you play, perform or record any music that has not been written or composed by yourself, then you are using music that has been created by someone else and is likely to be under copyright. In order to use their music, you need permission unless the composer has been dead for over 50 years as the copyright expires over this time period and the music becomes publicly available to use. Therefore, it can be difficult for people who are making low budget movies as they may not be able to create their own music or sound effects. 

In my short film, I will be using royalty free music. This means that I will have the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold, or some time period of use or sales. I will do this buy searching for royalty free music online and finding my music and sound effects this way, as this is what I did for my AS work. 

Personally, I will probably be using a mixture of dialogue, music, sound effects and silence as they are all extremely effective and will create the correct mood and atmosphere that I wish to create. I know I will definitely be using a voice over in order to narrate my protagonist’s thoughts and feelings, as this will also be very effective. 


‘The Great Gatsby’ Film Review

‘The Great Gatsby’ is a drama/thriller movie which was released in 2013. It is based on the Fitzgerald novel, which was published in 1925. There was also another ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie which was released in 1974, therefore Baz Luhrmann decided to make a more modern version as both, the book and the original movie did really well and still are extremely popular. As expected, this version also did significantly well as it received 7.3/10 stars on imdb. 

The movie begins with introducing Nick Carraway, whose perspective the movie is from. He somewhat narrates the movie, as he explains his experience in West Egg. He moves there from the mid-west and he lives next to a mansion, owned by Jay Gatsby. He lives near his cousin, Daisy and her husband Tom Buchanan. He visits them for dinner, where he meets a woman called Jordan Baker. At this dinner party, he learns that Tom is cheating on Daisy with a woman from New York. When Nick returns home, he sees Gatsby standing on the dock, reaching towards the green light coming from the Buchanan dock. It is also revealed that Gatsby throws lavish parties every week where people from all over New York go to.

Tom and Nick go to the Valley of Ashes, which is an industrial dumping state. They visit a garage, where Wilson, the garage owner is introduced. His wife, Myrtle is also introduced and it is revealed that this is Tom’s mistress. Tom tells Myrtle that he wants to spend the day with her, so she tells her husband she is visiting her sister and goes with them. They go to their apartment and invite some friends and neighbours over, including Myrtle’s sister. Nick feels uncomfortable at this party, so he decides to get drunk for the second time in his life, and ends up having a good time.  

Nick then gets invited to one of Gatsby’s parties, and when he arrives he learns that he is the only one that has been invited. Therefore, he tries to find Gatsby but nobody seems to know him. Although, he hears many rumours about him such as him killing a man, or being a German spy. However, he eventually finds Gatsby and Nick is extremely impressed. The next day, Gatsby takes Nick out for lunch, and tells him about his life. Gatsby then introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfsheim, a shady businessman. 


Jordan tells Nick that Gatsby and Daisy were once a couple and the reason for all his parties is so Daisy may attend one day. She also tells him that Gatsby wants Nick to invite Daisy over for tea, so they can reunite, and Nick does so. Gatsby tries to make the afternoon as perfect as he can for Daisy, and when they finally meet again, they get along really well. He then takes Daisy and Nick back to his house to show her around, where Daisy realises how much she misses him as he can offer her a better, happier life than Tom does. As a result of this, Daisy decides that she wants to divorce Tom and move near her parents with Gatsby, however he does not want to leave his lavish lifestyle.

Gatsby, Nick and Jordan visit Tom and Daisy where Gatsby confronts Tom about his affair with Daisy. They then go to the Plaza hotel, where the conversation gets worse. Gatsby loses his temper, which frightens Daisy, so they all decide to leave. Daisy drives Gatsby’s car, and ends up hitting Myrtle with the car and killing her instantly. Tom then tells Wilson that was Gatsby’s car and he shoots him as revenge. Nobody turns up to Gatsby’s funeral besides Nick, as Daisy and Tom leave New York. The media presents Gatsby negatively as everyone now believes him to be Myrtle’s lover and killer, even though he was neither. 

Overall, I really love this movie as it has been made and produced really well. I really enjoyed the story line and loved how it was so similar to the book. The acting was also of an extremely high standard and this is now one of my favourite movies. 

The budget for this movie was 105 million American dollars, which is not shocking as it is clear to see how well made this movie is. It is evident to see that a lot of money has been spent on costumes, location and makeup as everything is so extravagant in order to create the right setting and tone of the movie. Spending all this money was definitely worth it as the movie grossed 351 million American dollars, making a large profit. Although, this was expected as Leonardo DiCaprio played Jay Gatsby, proving that this movie was going to be of an extremely high standard. 

This is the 2017 movie poster and the 1974 movie poster for ‘The Great Gatsby’:

These two movie posters are quite different as the 2013 one presents all of the main characters, whereas the 1974 one only presents Gatsby and Daisy. Their body language is also very different as in the 2013 poster, everyone is looking directly at the camera besides Daisy, however the 1974 poster presents them looking to their side. I think it is important that they are both different as the latest movie should present an adaption, especially through its promotion. The 2013 poster is also a lot more intriguing than the 1974 one. 

Here is an interview of Leonardo DiCaprio:

In this interview, Leonardo DiCaprio talks about the characters, story line and the movie as a whole. He also talks about Carey Mulligan, the actress who plays Daisy Buchanan and how she was the perfect person to play Daisy. I think this interview definitely portrays the true meaning of this movie as he also talks about life in 1922 and the American Dream, which is a major theme that is explored throughout the movie. 

Personally, I would rate this movie 10/10 stars.


  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby
  • Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway
  • Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan
  • Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan
  • Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker
  • Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson
  • Jason Clarke as George Wilson
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Meyer Wolfsheim
  • Jack Thompson as Dr. Walter Perkins
  • Adelaide Clemens as Catherine
  • Callan McAuliffe as Young Jay Gatsby
  • Richard Carter as Herzog
  • Max Cullen as Owl Eyes
  • Heather Mitchell as Daisy’s mother
  • Gus Murray as Teddy Barton
  • Steve Bisley as Dan Cody
  • Vince Colosimo as Michaelis
  • Felix Williamson as Henri
  • Kate Mulvany as Mrs. Mckee
  • Eden Falk as Chester Mckee
  • Nick Jantz as Robert Stellenbosh
  • iOTA as Trimalchio
  • Brendan Maclean as Ewing Klipspringer
  • Kahlia and Karinna Greksa as The Twins

This is the trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’:


Morgan Freeman


Morgan Freeman is one of the world’s most influential actors. He is American actor, narrator and producer. He has starred in many movies, which have been very successful. His film career began in 1971 and became known through an American soap opera, ‘Another World’. In the mid 80’s Morgan Freeman started playing larger supporting roles, which resulted in him earning a reputation of wise, fatherly figure characters. Since then, he starred in multiple mainstream movies, as he became a well known actor worldwide. 


Here are Morgan Freeman’s top 10 movies:

  1. Se7en (Thriller/Crime)
  2. The Shawshank Redemption (Thriller/Drama) 
  3. The Dark Knight (Action/Drama)
  4. Driving Miss Daisy (Comedy/Drama)
  5. Lean On Me ((Action/Drama)
  6. Amistad (Drama/Mystery)
  7. Million Dollar Baby (Drama/Sport)
  8. The Power of One (Drama)
  9. RED (Action/Thriller)
  10. The Bucket List (Drama/Comedy)

8 out of 10 of these movies are of the drama genre, as the majority of his roles are serious. Personally, I have not seen all of these movies, but I have seen the following:



This movie is about an investigation of a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins to target his murders. There are two detectives (Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt) who are on the hunt for a serial killer who uses the idea of the seven deadly sins to target his murders. They trace every step the killer takes and find the aftermath of his ghastly crimes as the killer’s victims pile up. It takes place in a nameless city similar to New York, where it is always raining and the weather is constantly gloomy foreshadowing the unexpected event that takes place at the end of the movie. 

The seven deadly sins presented in this movie are:

  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Lust
  • Pride
  • Envy
  • Wrath

These seven sins are significant to the movie as they help create the dark atmosphere throughout the movie. The whole movie is based on the seven deadly sins, hence the title ‘Se7en’. 

Personally, I really liked this movie and is one of my favourites. I have never watched a movie with a story line like this and the reason I enjoyed it so much is because it the plot was so thought out and really made me think about the film, even once it had ended. I was very impressed by this film as it definitely met and went above my expectations of it. 

I think that Morgan Freeman played a good role and his acting was of a very high standard. He was definitely one of the reasons of why I had such high expectations, as he was acting alongside Brad Pitt. I think together, they made this movie better that most people expected. 


The Bucket List 

This movie is about two 80 year old men who are terminally ill. They meet in hospital and one of them create a bucket list, which is a list of things he wants to do before he dies, however once he finds out he only has a year left to live, he throws it away.  The next day, the other man finds it and urges him to complete everything on that list, and even adds more to it. Throughout the movie, the two men explore the world as they try to finish everything on their list before they die. 

Personally, I really enjoyed watching this movie as it had a good, unique story line and has been produced really well. I was intrigued throughout the whole movie and also made me laugh as it is a drama-comedy. 

I think that Morgan Freeman was a significant factor in the success of this movie as he is a well known actor, whose acting was of an extremely high standard, as expected from him. 

Other films

Although it is not in Morgan Freeman’s top 10 movies, I also really enjoyed watching ‘Lucy’, starring Scarlet Johansson. Morgan Freeman played a significant role in this movie and his acting was of a high standard. 


This movie is about a young girl, Lucy (played by Scarlett Johansson) who gets forced out of her will to do something she does not want to. Her one-week boyfriend asks her to take a briefcase inside a hotel and ask for ‘Mr Jang’ and give him the briefcase. She does not want to do this as she does not know what is in the briefcase and is suspicious. Her suspicions rise as she finds out that her boyfriend, Richard, is being paid £1000 if he delivers this. She refuses to do this but Richard handcuffs the briefcase onto her so she has no choice but to do what she is told. When she goes in and asks for Mr Jang, she becomes anxious as she sees a group of men walking towards her, and becomes even more worried when she sees Richard get shot. The men then kidnap her and take her into the hotel room where Mr Jang is. When she arrives, she is asked what is in the case but she does not know, so Mr Jang orders her to open the case as he is worried it may be something dangerous like a bomb.

Once opened, four packets of powdered drugs are revealed, which is what Mr Jang was expecting. The audience learns this drug is called CPH4. As the movie continues with Lucy’s story, scenes of Professor Samuel Norman (played by Morgan Freeman) are shown as he is giving a lecture on his theory of what would happen if the human brain was used more than it is now. We use only 10% of our brain but he informs us what we would be able to do if we could access 20% and more.

As the movie goes on, these scenes begin to link to Lucy’s story as the drug CPH4 lets you access more of the human brain. Mr Jang and his men put the packet of drugs inside Lucy’s stomach and send her off to Taipan. As he has four packets of this drug, he does the same to three other mean, who he sends of to Paris, Rome and Berlin. However, when Lucy reaches her destination, she gets kicked in the stomach which causes the drug to leak inside her. As she can now access more of her brain, Lucy escapes the place where she is kept and goes to a hospital where she gets it removed. She learns more about the drug and realises that she doesn’t have much time to live. Therefore, she gets help from the FBI to capture the three other men so she can remove the drugs and keep. During this she meets Pierre De Rio (played by Amr Waked) who is of high authority in the FBI and assists her along the way. She does research on Professor Samuel Norman and calls him to tell him about the drug and how his hypothesis is correct. They decide to meet so she can give him all the information he needs as she knows she will not live for more than 24 hours.

Personally, I really liked this movie as it was was interesting and kept me intrigued throughout the whole movie. The acting was great and I just loved it overall. 


‘IT’ Film Review

‘IT’ is a drama/horror movie, which was directed by Andrés Muschietti. It was released on 8th September 2017. The movie’s age rating is 15 due to strong horror, violence and language. It has been rated 8.1/10 on imdb and has got very positive reviews in general. 

The movie is based on a clown who kidnaps kids. It begins with a young boy called Bill, who gives his seven year old brother, Georgie a paper boat to play with. He then plays with it outside in the rain, but it goes into a storm drain. He tries to look into the storm drain to see if he can get his boat back, but there he sees a clown. The clown begins to talk to him and introduces himself as ‘Pennywise the Dancing Clown’. He makes Georgie laugh and suddenly becomes serious, which scared Georgie. Pennywise then offers Georgie the boat back, and as he reaches to take it back, Pennywise pulls him in and kills him. The rest of the movie focuses on Bill and his friends, who all see different things that they are afraid of. They begin to learn more about Pennywise and how their fears affect him. They investigate the kidnapping of the multiple kids of the town and realise that these kidnappings happen every 27 years.


At the end of the movie, Bill and his friends find all the kids that had gone missing over the years, however they are all dead and floating in the air. They overcome their fear which makes Pennywise afraid as he is only able to kill kids that are afraid of him. There is an ambiguous ending as it is not clear if Pennywise had been defeated, however I personally can interpret that he will come back after 27 years. This theory is supported by the final scene where Bill and his friends make a blood oath promising that if Pennywise returns after 27 years, so will they in order to defeat him. This hints that there will be a sequel, and the audience can infer that Pennywise the Clown will be back once again. The movie also ends with “Chapter 1”, and Pennywise can be heard laughing at the end of the credits which also supports the theory of there being a sequel. 

Overall, I thought this movie was really good as I am a big fan of the horror and drama genre, and I think that this movie combined these two genres together really well. Before I watched this movie, I had extremely high expectations due to the movie’s promotion, and due to the opinions of people who watched the movie. I can unquestionably say that my expectations were met as there were moments where I felt terrified, but the story line was also interesting. 

This is the movie poster for ‘IT’:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.31.05.png

Personally, I think that this movie poster is extremely effective as it creates a mysterious, chilling effect. The use of colour is very important as the yellow raincoat stands out significantly from the black which intrigues the viewer as it seems quite creepy as a child is clearly associated with the movie, which is clearly a horror. The red balloon also stands out which is also significant as it creates emphasis on the clown standing behind it. Not only does this reveal the genre of the movie, it also gives an insight into the movie as the use of balloons are significant throughout as all the red balloons are linked to Pennywise. The title ‘IT’ is also in red, which hints at blood and danger, which is also involved in the movie. The text is in white which stands out from the black background, and the quote ‘You’ll float too’ intrigues the viewer to learn what this means, which is revealed at the end of the movie. It is simple yet effective, which intrigues the viewer. It is clear that a lot of effort has been put into the poster itself, therefore the movie must also be of high standard, which it is. 

Here is an interview of Bill Skarsgard who plays Pennywise the Clown:

In this interview, Bill Skarsgard talks about how his family is in the acting industry which led him to do the same. He also discusses the movie itself and the process of acting as a clown. I think this is good to watch after the movie as it allows you to think back and it is interesting to learn about the process of how it was filmed and what the actors were thinking during the process. 

Personally, I would rate this movie 9/10 stars. 


  • Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom 
  • Sophie Lillis as Beverly Marsh
  • Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier
  • Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon
  • Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kasprak 
  • Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris 
  • Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown
  • Nicholas Hamilton as Henry Bowers
  • Jake Sim as Belch Huggins 
  • Logan Thompson as Victor Criss 
  • Owen Teague as Patrick Hockstetter 
  • Jackson Robert Scott as Georgie Denbrough
  • Stephen Bogaert as Mr Marsh
  • Stuart Hughes as Officer Bowers
  • Geoffrey Pounsett as Zach Denbrough 
  • Pip Dwyer as Sharon Denbrough 
  • Molly Atkinson as Sonia Kasprak 
  • Steven Williams as Leroy Hanlon 
  • Elizabeth Saunders as Mrs Starret 
  • Megan Charpentier as Gretta 
  • Joe Bostick as Mr Keene
  • Ari Cohen as Rabbi Uris 
  • Anthony Ulc as Joe the Butcher 
  • Javier Botet as the Hobo 
  • Katie Lunham as Betty Ripsom 
  • Carter Musselman as the Headless Boy
  • Tatum Lee as Judith 
  • Edie Inksetter as The Hostess
  • Martha Gibson as the Old Woman 
  • Kasie Rayner as Field Hockey Girl #1
  • Isabelle Nelisse as the Girl in the Bathroom 
  • Jocelyn Mattka as Random Girl 
  • Donald Tripe as the Old Man in the Car 
  • Liz Gordon as Old Woman in the Car 
  • Paige Rosamond as Dead Girl #1
  • Neil Crone as Chief Borton 
  • Sonia Gascon as Mrs Ripsom 
  • Janet Porter as Stanley’s Mother 
  • Memo Diaz Capt as the 4th of July Clown 
  • Chantal Vachon as the Girl in the Magazine

This is the trailer for ‘IT’:


‘Three Girls’ Review

‘Three girls’ is a British drama series based on a true story. It focuses on three young girls from Rochdale who were victims of grooming and sexual abuse. It was released by the BBC in May 2017 and had an emotional impact on its viewers as it received 8.4/10 stars on imdb. This drama series consisted of three episodes, which all explored the story of these girls. ‘Three Girls’ had a large audience on its first broadcast, as it had 8.24 million viewers for episode 1, 7.88 million for episode 2 and 8.19 million for episode 3. 

Each episode explores the girls’ stories from their viewpoints; Holly Winshaw (14 years old), Amber Bowen (16 years old) and her younger sister Ruby. However, the viewpoint changes from a sexual health worker’s point, called Sara Rowbotham who tries her best to help the girls by reporting their abuse to the police. The lead investigator on the case, DC Margaret Oliver manages to gain support from her superior officer, Sandy Guthrie who instigates a full blown investigation which eventually falls apart once they go to trial. Therefore, Margaret tries to convince Amber to testify against her boyfriend, who is one of the men that grooms the girls. Amber agrees to testify which allows the case to be re-opened, which results in the men getting prosecuted. 

Personally, this was my first time watching something like this as I have never come across a serious, real life drama before this. I think that it was very well done and presented the difficulties that these three girls went through and how important it was to bring all of the men to justice. Not only did this series create awareness to the public about how common these type of situations happen, it also highlighted the importance of fighting through these difficult times and getting as much help as you can. 

Throughout each episode, I was unable to take my eyes off the screen. Although there were some scenes that were difficult to watch, I couldn’t look away because I just had to know what the outcome of the situation would be. I was intrigued throughout and it was quite emotional at times as I knew that this was not a fictional story but there were girls younger than me who had to go through this. I was also constantly thinking about how this series portrays one case, whilst there are a lot more happening in the world, some that aren’t even reported and the criminals aren’t even brought to justice for multiple reasons. 

After watching ‘Three Girls’, I felt so emotionally impacted that I realised that this is the same feeling I want to give my audience through my final video. I want my video to portray a strong message just like ‘Three Girls’ does. I think that basing a series on something so serious is extremely important as it allows this to be a topic of conversation, which I, personally, think we need more of as a society. 

The purpose of this series has definitely been fulfilled as it makes the audience think more about the harsh realities of this world, such as rape, grooming and sexual abuse. This is a topic that not many people feel comfortable talking about, but it is something that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention as it is not right for people to get away with this, especially as it happens so much. Not only does this series create awareness, people who have been victims of sexual abuse also feel like they are not alone as there are multiple people who have gone through the same thing. It may even inspire some victims to speak out and fight to bring the criminals to justice and give them the punishment they deserve. 

This a BBC interview of the writer of ‘Three Girls’ and the detective who was involved in the situation:

Watching this interview makes the audience feel emotionally impacted as it emphasises the reality of these type of situations. I think that it is easy to forget that this is not fictional and real people had to suffer and go through this traumatic experience. I think it is important that the writer discussed the process of getting the information she needed and how long it took her as she wanted to portray the girls’ story in the most honest way without adding any dramatic effects as it is already dramatic and serious enough. 

This is the main image that has been used by BBC to promote the film:


This specific image has been used as promotion because it is a simple image, yet it still gives the audience an insight into the film. The three main characters are revealed as they look directly at the camera. The audience can make a link between the title, ‘Three Girls’ and the image as three girls are presented as the main characters. These girls are presented to be wearing casual clothes, which makes the audience think about how they were young girls who were just living their lives as everyone else does, yet they had to deal with a terrible situation that nobody should ever have to deal with. However, no insight is given into the actual situation as only three young girls are presented and there are no hints of sexual abuse. Nevertheless, this information is provided in the description and a lot of promotion was used for ‘Three Girls’ by the BBC, so the majority of the audience knew what this was going to be about beforehand. 


  • Maxine Peake as Sara Rowbotham
  • Lesley Sharp as DC Margaret “Maggie” Oliver
  • Molly Windsor as Holly Winshaw
  • Ria Zmitrowicz as Amber Bowen
  • Liv Hill as Ruby Bowen
  • Ace Bhatti as Nazir Afzal
  • Paul Kaye as Jim Winshaw
  • Jill Halfpenny as Julie Winshaw
  • Bo Bragason as Rachel Winshaw
  • Lisa Riley as Lorna Bowen
  • Naomi Radcliffe as Yvonne
  • Jason Hughes as DC Sandy Guthrie
  • Rupert Procter as DC Jack Harrop
  • Ross Anderson as PC Richard Bryan
  • Antonio Aakeel as Immy
  • Wasim Zakir as Tariq
  • Zee Sulleyman as Billy
  • Simon Nagra as Daddy

This is the trailer for ‘Three Girls’:

Personally, I would rate ‘Three Girls’ 8.5/10 stars. 


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a successful American actor who has starred in many movies. He has been working as an actor from 1991. From 1996 he became mainstream as he starred in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which was a big success as it received a worldwide box office of $147 million. In 1997, he starred in Titanic which was a major success as it grossed more than $1.843 billion in box-office receipts worldwide. This movie was a significant milestone in his career as it led him to be a commercial movie superstar. DiCaprio continued to star in many movies and still does, as well producing some movies too. 

He has starred in various movies which have done really well. Here are his top 10:

  1. Inception (Thriller/Sci-fi)
  2. The Departed (Drama)
  3. Titanic (Drama)
  4. The Wolf Of Wall Street (Comedy/Drama)
  5. Shutter Island (Drama/Thriller)
  6. Django Unchained (Drama)
  7. Blood Diamond (Drama/Thriller)
  8. Catch Me If You Can (Drama)
  9. Gangs Of New York (Crime/Drama)
  10. The Revenant (Drama/Thriller)

Nine out of these ten movies are of the drama genre, as the majority of his roles are serious. Personally, I have not seen all of these movies, but I have seen the following:



The movie is about the main character, Dominic Coss (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals information from people by getting into people’s minds through their dreams. He has been taught how to do this by his father and is an expert at it. An insight is given into his life as it is revealed that he a single father that misses his children, but is unable to go see them. A man approaches him and offers him a way to go back to his children, in return he must do a job for him, involving the idea of inception, which is not easy to do. This is what the whole movie revolves around, as well as Dominic’s life and his character. He has previously tried the concept of inception before, with his wife, however this is not revealed until the end of the movie. Dominic uses his skill of going into dreams by dreaming about his wife, so he feels as if he is with her; this is his weakness. As stated many times, if you die in a dream, you wake up. It is revealed that his wife Mal, passed away because she confused reality to be a dream, so she committed suicide, thinking she would wake up. In the end, Dominic realises that Mal is no longer his reality, and finally lets her go so he can return to his children.

Personally, I really liked this movie due to the unique story line which kept me focused throughout the whole movie. Although, I don’t normally like watching long movies, which is why I was hesitant to watch Inception as it is 2 hours and 30 minutes long, however I did due to the great reviews and high star rating, and I definitely think that this movie was worth the watch. 

I think that DiCaprio’s acting was of a very high standard which is important as the protagonist. I think that the fact that he is the main star of the film plays a big part in the movie’s success as he is a well know actor with an extremely high reputation. 



This movie is about a young, poor man called Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who wins a bet to go on a cruise ship called ‘Titanic’ hence the title of the movie. He then falls in love with a young, rich girl, called Rose (played by Kate Winslet) who is engaged to someone of her status, but she does not love him. They have an affair, which everyone is suspicious about. The Titanic then starts sinking and Jack and Rose try to survive together, but Jack dies whilst rescuing Rose. 

‘Titanic’ is one of my favourite movies as I love the story line and the way it has been directed. It has an imdb rating of 7.7/10 stars, as it was, and still is an extremely popular movie. I honestly think that Titanic is one of Leonardo’s best movies due to the good acting. Not only was he acting of a very high standard, his chemistry with Kate Winslet was also good, which is a significant aspect of the movie. 


The Wolf Of Wall Street

The protagonist Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) founds his own company with his neighbour. He recruits some of his friends who he trains. They follow a method called the ‘pump and dumo’ scam but in order to hide this, he gives the company a respectable name; ‘Stratton Oakmond’. His company becomes extremely successful and he lives a life full of drugs and prostitutes. He makes millions of dollars illegally, resulting in him getting caught and arrested. After his release, he hosts seminars on sales techniques as a job. 

Personally, I quite liked this movie as it kept me interested throughout. I liked the style of the movie as it wasn’t all serious and was quite comical at times. I think the acting was of high standard, as expected. The movie did really well as it grossed $392 million, proving it to be successful. Once again, I think that the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was the main character definitely influenced the huge success rate of this movie. 

Out of Leonardo DiCaprio’s top 10 movies, those are the only ones I have seen. Nevertheless, I know they are all successful and I really want to watch Shutter Island and Catch Me If You Can. Although this isn’t on the list, I also wish to watch The Great Gatsby, which was also a huge success. I have read the book and I loved it very much, and when I realised that Leonardo DiCaprio was in the movie, I instantly knew I had to watch it. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is known to be one of the best actors in Hollywood, and I would agree very much. He has been acting for a very long time and has been very successful. 


‘You Get Me’ Film Review

‘You Get Me’ is a drama/thriller movie which has been directed by Brent Bonacorso. It was released on Netflix on 23rd June 2017. This movie’s age rating is 15 due to strong language, sex references, sex and violence. The audience for this movie is teenagers, which is why the main actors include, Bella Thorne, Halston Sage, Taylor John Smith, Anna Akana and Nash Grier. It has been rated 4.6/10 stars on imdb. 

The movie is about teenage friends who get caught up in relationships. The main character, Tyler, has an argument with his girlfriend, causing them to break out. However, at a party he meets a girl called Holly (played by Bella Thorne). After spending the whole weekend together, Tyler returns home. He then gets back together with his girlfriend and decides to move on from Holly. Unfortunately for Tyler, Holly joins his school and becomes friends with his friends.


However, Holly is determined to break up Tyler and Alison, and be with him herself. It is also hinted throughout the film that Holly has some mental issues, which foreshadows her going crazy towards the end of the film. Tyler has been suspended from school as Holly accused him of assaulting her. He then finds out that Holly’s real name is Elizabeth, so he looks her up online and discovers that she has assaulted a boy previously, and also went to a mental institution. One night, Ali’s parents leave and Holly hits her, leaving her unconscious. When Ali doesn’t respond to Tyler’s texts, he begins to suspect that Holly has done something, so he goes to her house. When he gets there, he finds Alison unconscious and ties to the ceiling. He lowers her down and tries to escape with her, but Holly stops them at gunpoint. Luckily, one of their friend’s arrive and distract Holly. Alison then stabs Holly with a fire poker, causing her to fall in the pool. Holly is then wheeled into the back of an ambulance and asking the paramedic man to never leave her and makes him promise, implying she is now obsessed with him. The film ends with Tyler and Alison having fun at Tyler’s little sister’s birthday party.

Overall, I think that this is a good movie as it has a unique story line and keeps the audience intrigued throughout. Throughout the movie, I was curious to find out what happens to the characters and how the movie ended. Once the film had ended, I was satisfied with the ending as I was able to assume that Holly had left Tyler and his friend’s lives. I think that this movie was well produced, however there were a couple scenes where I thought the acting could have been better. Nevertheless, I think that this is a good movie which definitely fits into the drama and thriller genres. 

This movie has been released through Netflix, which is an extremely popular app/website that allows people all over the world to watch various TV series, films and documentaries. The reason for its success is that they have the latest shows and movies for people to watch, for £5.99 per month. As a lot of people use Netflix, this movie has become well known as it appears on the ‘Recently released’ section, creating more recognition for the movie. Netflix is a good way to distribute short films as they receive a lot of recognition and gain popularity as Netflix is used by millions of people around the world. This enables people all over the world to watch this movie and make it successful. This is why the producers and director of ‘You Get Me’ decided to release the movie through Netflix as they know it has a high chance of success, as the makers of the movie can be almost a hundred percent that a lot of people will watch the movie. 

This is the movie poster for ‘You Get Me’:


This poster is very eye catching due to the use of bright colours. The three main characters are presented on the poster, with Tyler and Alison on the bottom and Holly at the top. This suggests that there is a link between them and gives an insight into the movie. Personally, I don’t think that the choice of colours reflect the movie as I think that darker colours would be more suitable, but it does stand out very much. On the other hand, the images that have been used are reflective of the movie as the main couple is presented to be happy together, but the image of Holly is above, as if she is looking down on them, suggesting that she is a powerful character. The typography also hints at the thriller genre due to the ‘E’ at the end to be presented in a way to make it seem scratched. The black border also hints at the drama and thriller genres as it creates a sense of mystery and danger. 

Here is an interview with Bella Thorne about playing the villain of the movie:

I think that Bella Thorne is the major appeal for teenagers to watch this movie as she used to be an actress in Disney and a lot of teens know of her. Therefore, she is a main attraction of the movie. To me, her acting seemed quite good as she is the villain of the movie and for the movie to be good, so did her acting. On the other hand, the audience is also able to see that she can still improve due to a couple scenes. 

Personally, I would rate this movie 6.5/10 stars.


  • Bella Thorne as Holly Viola
  • Halston Sage as Alison Hewitt
  • Taylor John Smith as Tyler Hanson
  • Nash Grier as Gil
  • Anna Akana as Lydia
  • Rhys Wakefield as Chase
  • Brigid Brannagh as Corinne
  • Kathryn Morris as Mrs. Hewitt
  • Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Mrs. Hanson
  • Yasmin Al-Bustami as Melinda
  • Farrah Mackenzie as Tiffany
  • Joshua Banday as Mr. Ahmed
  • Garcelle Beauvais as Principal

This is the trailer for ’You Get Me’:


Summary of Analysis

As part of my research for my final media product, which is going to be a short film of the drama genre, I have analysed 10 drama short films, 10 website homepage and 10 magazine reviews. Analysing these 30 media texts benefitted me significantly as I received a lot of inspiration for my final video and I also learnt a lot about the generic codes and conventions. 

Short film analysis

I analysed 10 dramatic short films which all explored themes that I am considering to include in my final video. I also chose to analyse all the short films that created an emotional impact on me as that is what I aim to do with my final video. 

The first short film I analysed was ‘Father’, which explored the theme of parent-children as well as homelessness. This influenced me as I am going to portray a mother-daughter relationship in my short. However, the relationship in ‘Father’ portrayed the relationship in a positive way, whereas I am going to portray a negative mother-daughter relationship. 

I then analysed ‘Oxymoron’ which focused on the impact that technology and  social media has on us as a society. Although I am not using this idea in my final video, I really liked how this impacted me to think about my own life, even after the film ended. I also liked the beginning part of the film, where the girl is trying to focus on schoolwork but her phone keeps going off, distracting her. I liked the way audio has been used in this scene as the only sound that can be heard is of the phone going off, which is quite effective. This has influenced me to focus on my audio a lot more, in order to help create an impact on my audience, as well as keeping their attention focused on the film. 

‘What’s on your mind?’ is the next short film that I analysed. This is also based on the impact that technology and social media has on society, and how it influences us to seem like our lives are perfect to others. Once again, I am not using this idea in my final video, but I really liked the editing throughout the film, therefore I decided to analyse it. I was quite surprised with the lack of dialogue, however the use of sound effects made up for it and was quite effective whilst getting its message across to the audience. 

Next, I analysed ‘The Return’, which focuses on relationships, loss and accidents. I analysed this as it relates to my idea of pain, relationships and loss of loved ones. This short film presents the regrets of someone, who unintentionally caused a death, which relates to my idea of kids bullying the protagonist, which leads to her death without them realising the impact of their actions at the time. This film was extremely effective, and the make up used on the child has influenced the way I am going to present my protagonist. 

Then, I analysed ‘Alone Time’, which is based on a young girl who takes some time to herself as she needs to get away from the busy city of New York. However, she has a stalker that she does not know about, until the end. I liked this short film as it kept me intrigued throughout and I was left thinking about the whole film even after it had ended, which is how I want my audience to feel when they watch my short film. Therefore, I will be using similar camera shots in order to help create the same effect. 

‘Are You Living an Insta Lie’ is the next short film I analysed. This was another film based on social media and how people try to make their lives seem perfect and happy on social media, where in reality, it is the opposite. I liked this film as it made me reflect on myself and the way I use social media. I think that the editing throughout this film was of an extremely high standard and I aim to make my film of a similar standard. Although, I will not be using as many editing techniques as I will be presenting my film differently, however I definitely aim to make my audience reflect on their own lives.

I then analysed ‘Burns’, which is about a teenage girl who is struggling in high school and resorts to self harm. Eventually, she ends up in hospital as her whole body has been burnt. This film impacted me a lot emotionally, which is why it has also influenced me a lot. Self harm and depression are serious topics that aren’t openly spoken about, but they should be as creating awareness can help people who do suffer from depression and self harm as an escape. My short film is going to be quite similar to this as I am also going to explore the themes of depression and self harm, and I absolutely aim to create a similar impact on my audience. 

The following film I analysed was ‘Dear Mum’, which was about a girl who wrote a suicide letter to her mother. The mother reads it and is extremely upset, but the girl then walks in. At this point, the audience feels a mixture of emotions as we are instantly connected to the film. This film gives out a positive message to the public about how important it is to share your problems, and what the impact of suicide will have on your loved ones. I really liked this film due to the message it portrays and the impact on the audience. It has influenced my short film as I will be exploring the theme of suicide and I wish to create the same impact on my audience. 

I then analysed ‘Love Hurts’ which explores the theme of domestic abuse. It is quite emotional, however the film itself could have been made to a higher quality. Nevertheless, I still analysed it as I liked the message it portrayed. My short film will also include the theme of abuse, but not in a relationship. I will be using similar camera shots to create a dramatic effect. 

For my final short film analysis, I analysed ‘Alone’. This short film is about a father who has lost his son and reminisces throughout. I analysed this as it explores the themes of loss and pain, which I will also be exploring. It also was quite emotional and kept me intrigued throughout. It has influenced me a lot as I will be using similar camera shots and editing techniques.

Overall, analysing these specific short films really helped me understand the common codes and conventions of drama short films, which will enable me to make my drama short film to the highest standard I possibly can. I now know which films are most effective, and I understand it is because of specific camera angles, shots and editing. Sound and mise en scene is also important as I have noticed how they have been used to create realism, which is important in a drama film. Nothing really surprised me a lot, I just learnt about what is important in a drama short. 

Website homepage analysis

The majority of the website homepages that I analysed were quite simple and used dark colours. All of them were based on drama films, as I needed to know how to portray my movie through a website homepage in the most effective way. 

The layout was quite simple, as there was not too much on the screen and everything was simple, clear and easy to see. The title was always larger than anything else, as it is meant to stand out more than anything else. They were all quite visual homepages which is more effective on the viewer than being more text based, as not a lot of people visit movie websites to read a lot. I have learnt that it is important to portray the film through the website’s colours and layouts, as it is supposed to be an accurate impression of the film, and may also intrigue the viewer to watch it. 

Typically, dark colours are used with a hint of a more vibrant colours, such as red, purple, blue or maybe just white. This is effective as it catches the eye of the viewer which then intrigues the viewer to read anything on the page or even click a button. 

Imagery is also important as it gives the viewer an insight into the film, which is why the viewer has visited the page. I think the website homepages with the larger images as a background were most effective as it instantly drew the viewer to it, as well as giving an insight into the movie. 

I was not surprised by anything as the pages were what I expected as they all reflected the movies through the whole page and there was not too much information on the page, which is a good thing. 

In my short film website homepage, I will aim to make it more visual than text based as I wish to reflect my film through imagery and colours. The layout will be quite simple, however I will allow my viewers to have options to learn more about the film, as it is likely for me to have a drop down bar and a menu. 

Magazine Review analysis

I analysed a lot of Empire magazine reviews and I analysed some from A Guide To Fantasy magazine. From both of these magazines, I noticed the common codes and conventions to a magazine review.

On some pages of the magazines, a whole A4 page was dedicated to a movie, sometimes a double A4 page was dedicated and sometimes one A4 page was divided into three sections. I noticed that this depended on the movie and how well it did. Typically, the movies that received 4/5 or 5/5 stars had a single or double A4 page, whereas movies that that received 3 or less stars were split into three sections. However, this was not always the case. The review was also generally written in columns, which I was expecting from a review. Nevertheless, I was surprised that some reviews were not written in columns, however this was rare. 

With every single movie review was an image. The size varied depending on the amount of space allocated to the review, however they were generally quite large. I was not shocked at this and actually influenced me as I am sure I am going to have quite a large image with my review. I also noticed that every image seemed to be a screenshot from the movies, which means I will do the same as I want to follow the codes and conventions of a movie review. 

The background for every review was plain white, with black text. The title was always bolder and bigger than the other text as it is meant to stand out. Credits to the director is also typically to be seen under the title, alongside the star rating. However, I analysed a lot from Empire magazine’s July edition, which means they had a theme of including a yellow border around the edges to stand out more to the reader. I really liked this as I think it catches the reader’s eye a lot more and makes the page a lot more brighter and colourful. Therefore, I think I will include some type of coloured border myself as I want my readers to be intrigued instantly. 

As I analysed each review, I realised that each write used different language and spoke about different things. There were some reviews that were extremely formal and sophisticated, whereas some were informal and used colloquial language and some were a mixture of both. Personally, I think that I will use a mixture of both as it will be professional and the readers will be able to connect with it too. I also noticed that some reviews were more factual rather than opinion based and some the complete opposite. I think the factual reviews were most effective as it allowed the reader to form their own opinion instead of just following someone else’s opinion, therefore I think I will also make mine more factual.