Gone Girl Website Analysis

This is the official website homepage for the movie ‘Gone Girl’. This movie was released in 2014 by Fox Movies. This movie consists of multiple genres: thriller, mystery and drama which are all reflected through its website homepage.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.14.03.png

This website homepage is very visual rather than being more text based. The intention of this website being more visual is to give the viewers an insight to what the movie is like as they want to be able to reflect the movie through the website.


 In the top right corner of the header, social media links can be seen for Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram. This allows viewers to follow the official ‘Gone Girl’ movie social media accounts as a way form of promotion for the movie. The top right contains a drop down menu which allows viewers to see what other movies are in theatres, as well as what is being released soon and what the top favourites of Fox Movies are. Just below this is a bar, which includes tabs to enable viewers to visit other pages of this website. There are 7 other pages, allowing the viewers to watch the movie trailer, watch videos related to the movie, learn more about the movie, see images related to the movie, see featured content, look at social updates and sign up to Fox Movies. There is also a tab at the bottom of the page which says “Watch the trailer” which also goes straight to the second page of the website.


The main focus of this homepage is on the image of the man whose back is turned towards the viewer as he looks to the side. The image used for the website is the same image from the poster for ‘Gone Girl’. This is significant as the movie is constantly reflected through the visuals of the website. The protagonist in the movie is played by Ben Affleck, which is revealed at the top of the homepage, therefore the viewer is able to assume the image is of him. The background image is of a blue sky, with a small, white cloud centred in the middle which creates a mysterious effect on the viewer, also reflecting the mystery genre of the movie. The cloud covers a small part of the title, creating a sense of mystery. This is also supported by the faded pair of eyes that can be seen in the sky if you look closely. This hints at the thriller genre of the movie due to the tense effect it creates on the viewer, as well as supporting the mysterious theme.


Dull, dark colours are used all over which creates a mysterious tone to the homepage. A lot of black is used as the header is black, as well as the outer corners and sides of the homepage as they are shadowed black which fades smoothly towards the centre. Yellow, white and blue can be seen in the centre of the homepage, however they blend in with the black from the sides of the page, emphasising the dull, mysterious effect. Across the bottom of the screen, a bar can be seen which has a mixture of colours, such as orange, blue and purple. The use of bright colours is important as it removes any interpretations of the movie to be of the horror genre. If the dark colours were consistent throughout the whole page, the wrong effect would have been created and it would not reflect the movie correctly whereas all the colours that have been used work well together to reflect the themes of the movie accurately. 


The title ‘Gone Girl’ is placed in the centre of the page and is in big, bold, black capital letters, making it stand out. The quote below it is in the same colour, however it is much smaller in size,  which reveals that it is not as significant. Nevertheless, it is placed over the image of the white cloud in the background, which makes it stand out and the viewer’s attention is captured by it due to the contrasting colours. All of the text on the homepage is in capital letters, which typically connotes shouting and anger, however this is juxtaposed with the calm background and imagery used. The main actors, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are credited at the top of the page, in white text. The white text stands out from the blue background, but not as much as the title due to it being a bigger size. This is good because the viewer’s attention should go directly to the title and then everywhere else after. 

Overall Opinion

Overall, I think that this website homepage is a good representation of the movie due to the use of imagery and colours. Everything has been laid out and presented well, as the homepage gives a visual reflection of the movie, however there are various options to learn more about the movie. I think this is an effective website homepage for a movie as it is very enticing as the viewer is intrigued to learn more about the movie. I can assume that a lot of money has been spent on the creation of this website due to the production and effectiveness of it. I, personally have not seen this movie before but after looking at the website and exploring it more, I am definitely intrigued to watch the movie as I can infer that it is a well produced movie, as the website is made to a high quality, therefore the movie must be of high quality too. I can also guess the tone of the movie through the use of colours and layout of the website as it creates a tense, mysterious effect, which also intrigues me to want to watch the movie. I already know that the main genres are thriller, mystery and drama which is clearly reflected through this homepage, however an insight to the movie is also given through the imagery used. Furthermore, I will be watching ‘Gone Girl’ due to the impact that the website has had on me. 

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